Changz Red habanero hot sauce makes for astounding flavour marriage & perfect heat levels for asian foods of all varieties and is a MUST have in any kitchen large or small
— Some guy who likes to cook asian food from time to time


-2x large whole birds-
1) Brine:

Add moisture & flavour to the birds

10x garlic cloves
1x large knob of ginger
1x coriander root
1/4 cup coriander seed (whole)
2x Tbls yellow mustard seed (whole)
6x bay leaves
2x Tbls white peppercorn (whole)
8x star anise
4x cardamom pod
15x fennel seed
1x cup soy sauce
2x Tbls fish sauce
1x Tbls chilli oil
1x Tbls sesame oil
2x red chilli
2x large shallot
1x lime
4x kafir lime leaves
180g salt
1x Tbls Chinese 5 spice
8ltr water

2) tea smoke packet:

recipe makes 2x packets

8x star anise
6x cardamom pods
2x Tbls white peppercorn (whole)
2x Tbls coriander seed (whole)
4x cinnamon quills
1 cup whole jasmine tea leaves
3/4 cup jasmine rice grains (uncooked)
1/4 cup brown sugar
2x Tbls Chinese 5 spice
4x bay leaves
Rind of 1x orange

3) Glaze:

Make it as hot as you like, add or remove heat
(makes enough for several uses)

1x ltr strained brine
1x cup brown sugar
1x cup rice wine vinegar
150ml bottle of Changz Red Habanero hot sauce

(left over glaze can be kept refrigerated for up to two weeks)



1) Make a tea smoke packet:

Recipe makes 2x packets

1) Add all ingredients together in a mixing bowl
2) Mix thoroughly
3) Place down 2x sheets of 40x40xm sheets of foil
4) Place all ingredients into the centre
5) Fold into packet as pictured above

2) Brine THe birds:

strong brine - 8x hours is enough

1) Peal & roughly chop ginger, rinse & roughly chop coriander root, slice lime into quarters and add to a large container with soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, garlic, chilli oil, shallot & red chilli
2) Add salt, spices, seeds & lime leaves in a pot with 2ltr of water and bring to the boil over high heat
3) Add to rest of the brine ingredients & remaining water in a container large enough for two large whole chickens to sit fully submerged, let cool.
4) Strain brine and set aside liquid
5) Place birds neck down into the brining vessel (Bucket, pot, container, the world is your oyster) ass up for stuffing
6) Stuff birds with spices, garlic, ginger, coriander root etc
7) Pour over remaining brine liquid to cover
8) Refrigerate

3) Dry the birds:

To get that crispy skin steez

1) Remove birds from brine, strain brine & set aside 1ltr, discard the rest
2) Using paper towel pat the birds dry being VERY thorough
3) Place birds uncovered into the fridge for no less than 18 hours

4) make the glaze:

change ingredients to taste, add heat, take heat away, the world is your osyter

1) Add strained brine to a heavy bottom pot and reduce over high heat to desired consistency (can take up to an hour)
2) Once cooked down, add all ingredients, whisk thoroughly, remove from heat and set aside to cool

5) SMoke them birds:

Get your cooker ready for approx 2x hours @ 300f indirect

No water pan required, for best results use a quality charcoal, the tea smoke packet replaces the wood you would usually use to smoke with - no extra smoking source is needed - Once your cooker reaches desired temp and becomes stable, place the tea smoke packet onto the charcoal directly.

Place birds onto a rack and close your cooker.

The birds will have an internal temp of approx 55c in the breast when they are ready for glaze,

6) paint them up:

sticky, sweet, hot glaze on crispy tea smoked chicken? yeh, the goods....

Get a food brush out, dig deep into that glaze and give the birds a good paint. Close up your cooker and cook for a further half an hour or so - the internal breast temp should hit 70c and will rise slightly when resting.


fin) rest, serve & eat:

make the effort worth it

Let rest for 15min, we served ours at the table with seared scallops w/ xo crumb, green onion and a splash of black vinegar, some pork & chive dumplings, chicken rice, asian greens in oyster sauce & garlic - spread was the GOOOOOOODDDS!