The australian amateur hot sauce makers competition


judging scores a tie for first place!

Our guest judges, Dani Zeini of Royal Stacks fame, Eat 8-Bit's very own Shayne McCallum, food styling genius Merowyn Olaver of Plate Got Ate & lyricist & producer Bam Bam (Killboy) hit up the Canteen & helped us score our sauce entries on Monday 4th Sep.

We sampled and scored all entries based on flavour, texture, creativity, aroma & colour, there were some absolute CRACKERS in there, which far exceeded our expectations.

At the end of the day, we ended up with two sauces with a score of 99 out of 120 and a sauce close behind with 92.5 out of 120 giving us a Tie for first place!

To determine who takes out first place, we are leaving it up to YOU, the people, come down to Changz Canteen over the next few days, try the tied sauces and vote your fave, the sauce entry with the most votes, wins!


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After having a multitude of hot sauce lovers come through the canteen to help us score the tied sauce entries, we can now reveal our top 3 sauce entries!

Our winner by far - Rae Hearts from W.A, sent us what we can only describe as one of the most unique and perfectly executed sauces we've ever had the pleasure of trying, with ingredients like sweet potato, mango, cardamom, black sesame, habanero & baharat spice - this sauce took us all by surprise with texture close to perfection - a massive WELL DONE to Rachel for her execution with the aptly named "fleas of 100 camels sauce" (think rich middle eastern finish)

In second place, a gorgeous sweet, spicy and rich "Motorbreath BBQ Sauce" from Duncan Millar, a local lad from North Melbourne which we have been using on just about everything over the last week (Might need a re-up soon mate haha).

In third place, Philip Doyle from QLD entered what he says is his all time fave of the range he makes at home. We found it to be something very special and a stand out  sauce for all of our judges, smokey, spicy, mustard curry finish, delish!

We invite everyone to come down to Changz Canteen in Elsternwick to try the winning sauces over the next two weeks, thank you to all entrants, keep an eye out for more competitions and news here on our website!